“Now don’t you act too smart!”

In diesem englischen Gastbeitrag schreibt Neeti über das Leben an verschiedenen Orten und Ländern und wie es ihre Definition von „zuhause“ beeinflusst hat. In ihrer Freizeit häkelt sie schönen Schmuck, den es auch schon auf keinehosensonntag.de zu sehen gab. – Flo

As a Indian girl living abroad, I struggle to talk about my experiences honestly every time I return back to India for a visit. There is plenty to say, but I always feel that I am walking on eggshells while talking about my experiences.

I remember Skyping with my mother once where she caught me by surprise by asking me a difficult question indeed. She asked me which place do I like best: my Shimla, Chandigarh, Noida, Great Britain or Germany (where I am currently living). You see, I could have easily said that it is my hometown, which I found to be the best, home sweet home. I think she was at least expecting this answer as well. Instead, I chose to be honest and gave a fairly complicated answer. „“Now don’t you act too smart!”“ weiterlesen